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Etnografía de una música envolvente procede de grupo de investigación GISECOM 2008

dc.contributor.authorGértrudix Barrio, Felipe
dc.contributor.authorGértrudix Barrio, Manuel
dc.description.abstractThe sound surrounds us. We perceive the sound of an integrated, ubiquitous, multidirectional and continuous. The auditory system protects us because even when we rest, is alert. For many years, systems for recording and reproducing sound has only been able to record and play back the surround sound of music on a limited basis. Until the multichannel systems have enabled the rich musical play, could only create a sense narrow space. With the emergence of these systems, and experimentation in the field of surround sound, has born a new way of displaying this wealth. As discussed in this article, new forms of recording and playback sound permit, now, faithfully represent the tradition of creative music composition in this
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España
dc.subjectCiencias de la Informaciónes
dc.titleEtnografía de una música envolvente procede de grupo de investigación GISECOM 2008es
dc.subject.unesco5102 Etnografía y Etnologíaes
dc.subject.unesco6203.06 Música, Musicologíaes
dc.description.departamentoCiencias de la Comunicación I

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