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Aplicaciones de la técnica DEA en la gestión de Bibliotecas Universitarias

dc.contributor.authorSalazar Escobar, Fabián Rodrigo
dc.descriptionTesis Doctoral leída en la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid en 2017. Directores de la Tesis: Ana García Sipols, Clara Simón de Blas y Marco Javier Flores Caleroes
dc.description.abstractThe present thesis studies the efficiency of the Ecuadorian university libraries and proposes a new methodology of evaluation in the management of the same ones under the analysis of scenarios. Currently, libraries of public universities in Ecuador have to justify through evidence and indicators the investment that the state makes through a process called accreditation. Prior to accreditation, Ecuadorian libraries have carried only physical evidence, with slow and incomplete manual processes. From the digitization of data and processes, it has been possible to have agility in obtaining information. The following methodologies were applied based on Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA): single-stage DEA, two-stage DEA, three-stage DEA, scenarios approach and DEA with inaccurate data (IDEA). Additionally, the Malmquist Index was calculated for the periods 2013-2014 and 2014-2015. A comprehensive analysis of twenty-one libraries of the thirty-three public university libraries in Ecuador has been carried out without being able to analyze the remaining twelve for lack of data. The following results were obtained: one, two and three-stage DEA models between eleven and fourteen libraries are efficient, while applying the scenarios between seven and nine libraries are efficient considering pessimistic, optimistic and average It is concluded that four libraries have marked differences (between 20% and 70 %) when comparing the IDEA, DEA three-stage and one-step method. The DEA of one-step is the one with the most variation. The library that achieved the best efficiency changes in the two periods analyzed is the University of Guayaquil, while the Universidad Cat¿olica Santiago de Guayaquil is the one with the lowest efficiency change in the period
dc.publisherUniversidad Rey Juan Carloses
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España
dc.subjectBiblioteconomía y Domumentaciónes
dc.titleAplicaciones de la técnica DEA en la gestión de Bibliotecas Universitariases
dc.subject.unesco1203.17 Informáticaes

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