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Natural Tactile Interaction with Virtual Clay

dc.contributor.authorBarreiro, Héctor
dc.contributor.authorTorres, Joan
dc.contributor.authorOtaduy, Miguel A.
dc.identifier.citationH. Barreiro, J. Torres and M. A. Otaduy, "Natural Tactile Interaction with Virtual Clay," 2021 IEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC), 2021, pp. 403-408, doi: 10.1109/
dc.description.abstractDespite many past efforts to develop haptic experiences of virtual clay modeling, natural interaction with virtual clay remains a hard challenge. In this work, we propose a computational solution for the interactive simulation of clay-like materials with unprecedented realism, coupled with free-air tactile rendering that provides a natural tangible experience. Our solution includes a novel particle-based model of viscoplasticity for efficient interactive simulation, and an optimization-based ultrasound rendering algorithm that takes as input the interaction forces between a virtual hand model and the clay-like material. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our method through expressive creative
dc.publisherIEEE World Haptics Conference (WHC)es
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional*
dc.titleNatural Tactile Interaction with Virtual Clayes
dc.subject.unesco1203.17 Informáticaes

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