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A dataset of regressions in web applications detected by end‑to‑end tests

dc.contributor.authorSoto‑Sánchez, Óscar
dc.contributor.authorMaes‑Bermejo, Michel
dc.contributor.authorGallego, Micael
dc.contributor.authorGortázar, Francisco
dc.identifier.citationSoto-Sánchez, Ó., Maes-Bermejo, M., Gallego, M. et al. A dataset of regressions in web applications detected by end-to-end tests. Software Qual J (2021).
dc.description.abstractEnd-to-end tests present many challenges in the industry. The long-running times of these tests make it unsuitable to apply research work on test case prioritization or test case selection, for instance, on them, as most works on these two problems are based on datasets of unit tests. These ones are fast to run, and time is not usually a considered criterion. This is because there is no dataset of end-to-end tests, due to the infrastructure needs for running this kind of tests, the complexity of the setup and the lack of proper characterization of the faults and their fxes. Therefore, running end-to-end tests for any research work is hard and time-consuming, and the availability of a dataset containing regression bugs, documentation and logs for these tests might foster the usage of end-to-end tests in research works. This paper presents a) a dataset for this kind of tests, including six well-documented manually injected regression bugs and their corresponding fxes in three web applications built using Java and the Spring framework; b) tools for easing the execution of these tests no matter the infrastructure; and c) a comparative study with two well-known datasets of unit tests. The comparative study shows that there are important diferences between end-toend and unit tests, such as their execution time and the amount of resources they consume, which are much higher in the end-to-end tests. End-to-end testing deserves some attention from researchers. Our dataset is a frst efort toward easing the usage of end-to-end tests in research
dc.rightsAtribución 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjectEnd-to-end testses
dc.titleA dataset of regressions in web applications detected by end‑to‑end testses

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