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European Green Deal and Recovery Plan: Green Jobs, Skills and Wellbeing Economics in Spain

dc.contributor.authorGarcía Vaquero, Martín
dc.contributor.authorSánchez‐Bayón, Antonio
dc.contributor.authorLominchar, José
dc.identifier.citationGarcía Vaquero, M.; Sánchez‐Bayón, A.; Lominchar, J. European Green Deal and Recovery Plan: Green Jobs, Skills and Wellbeing Economics in Spain. Energies 2021, 14, 4145.
dc.description.abstractThis paper on Political Economic and Labour Economic Policies in the European Green Deal framework analyses the Recovery Plan and Resilience Facility. It pays attention to the effects on the design of new green jobs and the necessary skills to develop this type of new positions generated, with higher labour wellbeing. The paper is focused on the analysis of the green jobs’ opportunity for Europe, at a country level, with a specific analysis made for the Spanish case. A systematisation of the concepts and calculations on the issue is made and analysed (attending the international institutions and forums proposals) to harmonise the recovery plans, apply them beyond the energy sector to other related green activities and align the public and private sector, and other critical stakeholders, in achieving this goal. The following research questions were formulated: (1) what is the estimated number of new green jobs that would be created as a consequence of the implementation of the Recovery Plan in Spain; (2) which new soft skills or re‐skilling would be necessary to develop such new green jobs; (3) how much are the new jobs aligned with wellbeing economics? The research was conducted by applying a few research methods, i.e., secondary sources, the desk research method and the exploration method, critical and comparative analysis, inductive and deductive reasoning and some mathematical calculations. The research contribution can provide a valuable source of information to coordinate sectoral plans by the policymakers, particularly those responsible for the economy, business, green activities and
dc.rightsAtribución 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjectLabour Economic Policieses
dc.subjectEuropean Green Deales
dc.subjectRecovery Planes
dc.subjectgreen jobses
dc.subjectWellbeing Economicses
dc.titleEuropean Green Deal and Recovery Plan: Green Jobs, Skills and Wellbeing Economics in Spaines

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