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A Bayesian Decision Model for Intelligent Routing in Sensor Networks

dc.contributor.authorArroyo-Valles, Rocio
dc.contributor.authorGarcia Marques, Antonio
dc.contributor.authorVinagre Díaz, Juan José
dc.contributor.authorCid Sueiro, Jesús
dc.identifier.citationPage(s):103 - 107es
dc.description.abstractIn this paper we propose an efficient energy-aware routing algorithm based on learning patterns. Energy and message importance are considered in a Bayesian model in order to establish intelligent decision rules that make the network economize in crucial
dc.description.sponsorshipMEC projects TEC2005-06766-C03-01/TCM and TEC2005-06766-C03-02/TCM, CAM-UC3M projects RECIPES (UC3M-TEC-05-058) and UC3M-TEC-05-059, and EHAS Project from the ALIS Program, financed by the European
dc.publisher3rd International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems, 2006. ISWCS '06es
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España
dc.titleA Bayesian Decision Model for Intelligent Routing in Sensor Networkses
dc.subject.unesco3325 Tecnología de las Telecomunicacioneses
dc.description.departamentoTeoría de la Señal y Comunicaciones

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