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Capitalism, COVID-19 and lockdowns

dc.contributor.authorBagus, Philipp
dc.contributor.authorPeña-Ramos, José Antonio
dc.contributor.authorSánchez-Bayón, Antonio
dc.identifier.citationBagus, P., Peña-Ramos, J. A. & Sánchez-Bayón, A. (2023). Capitalism, COVID-19 and lockdowns. Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility, 32, 41–51.
dc.description.abstractCommentators believe that the COVID-19 pandemic reveals the inconveniences of capitalism and that the end of “neoliberalism” could be near. In this article we show that a capitalist ethics is capable to deal with the challenges of pandemics and comes with important advantages such as the prevention of overreactions. We apply both utilitarian and rights-based ethics to the case of epidemics in general and COVID-19 in particular. First a libertarian natural law ethics is used to assess the government interventions in the Corona pandemic. We maintain that these interventions cannot be justified from a libertarian point of view despite of the possible objections that are discussed such as the “potential threat argument”. Moreover, the utilitarian argument in favor of government lockdowns is evaluated. The negative effects of lockdown on mental health, addictions, domestic violence, etc. have to be taken into account. The utilitarian argument in favor of lockdown is far from convincing, as economic calculation is not
dc.rightsAtribución 4.0 Internacional*
dc.titleCapitalism, COVID-19 and lockdownses

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