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The Role of Metacognitive Strategies in Blended Learning: Study Habits and Reading Comprehension

dc.contributor.authorOrtega-Ruipérez, Beatriz
dc.identifier.citationRuipérez, B. O. (2022). The Role of Metacognitive Strategies in Blended Learning: Study Habits and Reading Comprehension. RIED. Revista Iberoamericana de Educación a Distancia, 25(2),
dc.description.abstractMetacognitive strategies are essential, as they allow the learning process to be self-managed. is is especially important in higher education and blended learning because it requires greater independence. is study aims to determine the importance of metacognitive strategies as regards both study habits and reading comprehension in blended learning. For this purpose, metacognitive strategies are used through a digital tool in a blended learning context. SRSI-SR test was used to assess study habits and ARATEX-R was used to assess text reading before and aer a master’s degree course. e study sample included 112 students from various disciplines; half of them used the tool as part of the research group, and the other half did not use it as part of the control group. e results show that the use of the metacognitive strategies has particularly facilitated the organization of the task regarding study habits. In reading comprehension, metacognitive strategies especially promoted motivation management, comprehension assessment, and planning. It is concluded that the use of metacognitive strategies has proven to be significantly effective, so these findings suggest the inclusion of metacognitive strategies in blended learning in order to improve study habits and reading comprehension in students and, thus, improve their learning outcomes. e conclusions obtained allow us to broaden our scientific knowledge about how these strategies influence
dc.publisherRIED. Revista Iberoamericana de Educación Digitales
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internacional*
dc.subjecttext comprehensiones
dc.subjectstudy methodes
dc.subjectlearning strategyes
dc.subjectself-regulated learninges
dc.subjectmetacognitive strategieses
dc.subjectblended learninges
dc.titleThe Role of Metacognitive Strategies in Blended Learning: Study Habits and Reading Comprehensiones

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