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Analysis of factors influencing attitude and intention to use electric vehicles for a sustainable future

dc.contributor.authorGarcía de Blanes Sebastián, María
dc.contributor.authorSarmiento Guede, José Ramón
dc.contributor.authorAzuara Grande, Alberto
dc.contributor.authorJuárez-Varón, David
dc.identifier.citationGarcía de Blanes Sebastián, M., Sarmiento Guede, J.R., Azuara Grande, A. et al. Analysis of factors influencing attitude and intention to use electric vehicles for a sustainable future. Journal of Technology Transfer (2023).es
dc.description.abstractSpain is one of the countries that lead the contribution to the growing levels of consumption and environmental impacts. Specifically, it is the fifth most polluting country in the European Union. Given this situation, urban mobility represents one of the main challenges for sustainable development and the electric vehicle one of the most beneficial means of transport. The objective of this research article is to identify the core factors that influence the users of electric vehicles. For instance, a theoretical model based on the Meta-UTAUT Theory has been proposed, which uses the following variables: performance expectancy, effort expectancy, social influence, facilitating conditions, perceived risk, environmental concerns and how these variables influence the use behaviour and attitude towards electric vehicles. Data collection was carried out through a self-administered survey in which 326 responses were obtained. Data have been analysed using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). The results show that the factors performance expectancy, social influence, and environmental concerns have a significant impact on the adoption of electric vehicles. However, it has been detected that the factors effort expectancy, facilitating conditions, and perceived risk are not significant. These results expand the available theoretical knowledge of the Meta-UTAUT and, from a practical perspective, provide public institutions and automotive companies with relevant information to improve their performance. Finally, this paper facilitates possible new technological developments in the field of transport planning and the use of electric
dc.subjectElectric vehicleses
dc.subjectUse behaviores
dc.subjectEnvironmental concernes
dc.titleAnalysis of factors influencing attitude and intention to use electric vehicles for a sustainable futurees

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