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4D Video Textures for Interactive Character Appearance

dc.contributor.authorHilton, Adrian
dc.contributor.authorCollomosse, John
dc.contributor.authorVolino, Marco
dc.contributor.authorCasas, Dan
dc.identifier.citationDan Casas, Marco Volino, John Collomosse, and Adrian Hilton. 2014. 4D video textures for interactive character appearance. Comput. Graph. Forum 33, 2 (May 2014), 371–380.
dc.description.abstract4D Video Textures (4DVT) introduce a novel representation for rendering video-realistic interactive character animation from a database of 4D actor performance captured in a multiple camera studio. 4D performance capture reconstructs dynamic shape and appearance over time but is limited to free-viewpoint video replay of the same motion. Interactive animation from 4D performance capture has so far been limited to surface shape only. 4DVT is the final piece in the puzzle enabling video-realistic interactive animation through two contributions: a layered view-dependent texture map representation which supports efficient storage, transmission and rendering from multiple view video capture; and a rendering approach that combines multiple 4DVT sequences in a parametric motion space, maintaining video quality rendering of dynamic surface appearance whilst allowing high-level interactive control of character motion and viewpoint. 4DVT is demonstrated for multiple characters and evaluated both quantitatively and through a user-study which confirms that the visual quality of captured video is maintained. The 4DVT representation achieves >90% reduction in size and halves the rendering
dc.title4D Video Textures for Interactive Character Appearancees

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