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Ecología funcional de la costra biológica en ambientes semiáridos gipsícolas de la Península Ibérica

dc.contributor.authorCastillo Monroy, Andrea del Pilar
dc.descriptionTesis Doctoral leída en la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos en noviembre de 2010. Director de la Tesis: Fernando T. Maestre Giles
dc.description.abstractBiological soil crusts (BSCs) greatly influence the N cycle of semi-arid ecosystems, as some organisms forming them are able to fix atmospheric N. However, BSCs are not always taken into account when studying biotic controls on N cycling and transformations. Our main objective was to understand how BSCs modulate the availability of N in a semiarid Mediterranean ecosystem dominated by the tussock grass Stipa tenacissima. We selected the six most frequent soil cover types in the study area: S. tenacissima tussocks (ST), Retama sphaerocarpa shrubs (RS), and open areas with very low (BS), low (LC) medium (MC) and high (HC) cover of well developed and lichen-dominated BSCs. The temporal dynamics of available N dynamics followed changes in soil moisture. Available NH4 +-N did not differ between microsites, while available NO3 --N was substantially higher in the RS than in any other microsite. No significant differences in the amount of available NO3 --N were found between ST and BS microsites, but these microsites had more NO3 --N than those dominated by BSCs (LC, MC and HC). Our results suggest that BSCs may be inhibiting nitrification, and highlight the importance of this biotic community as a modulator of the availability of N in semi-arid
dc.publisherUniversidad Rey Juan Carloses
dc.rightsAtribución-NoComercial-SinDerivadas 3.0 España*
dc.titleEcología funcional de la costra biológica en ambientes semiáridos gipsícolas de la Península Ibéricaes
dc.subject.unesco2511.02 Biología de Sueloses
dc.description.departamentoBiología y Geología

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